Liberation Day 2015

01 Jun 2020 - 01 Jun 2020

6:14 pm - 6:14 pm

Lib Logo 2015-01

Saturday 9 May will mark the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Guernsey after five long years of occupation by the German forces.  Liberation Day continues to be an important and poignant day in the history of the Island.

Families, friends and visitors to Guernsey will once again celebrate that most priceless commodity of all – freedom – as they enjoy a day filled with the pageantry of the Church and Military Vehicle Parades as well as a range of entertainment and activities for all age groups from 9am right through the day and evening.

The Liberation Day 2015 website has details of all the celebrations, events and activities for the Liberation Day weekend and will be updated regularly as we approach 9 May 2015.  Please click here to visit the website.