Eat Drink and Be Local

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Eat Drink and Be Local

“Eat Drink & Be Local” is an apt title and description for this new Guernsey festival of food, drink and all things local that was celebrated across four St Peter Port Seafront Sundays in June, July, August and September.

Guernsey is home to a plethora of entrepreneurs who have crafted and created their own unique offerings of all products relating to food, drink or artisanal crafts. ‘Eat Drink & Be Local’ aims to showcase as many of these successful stories as possible thereby providing a real authentic taste of Guernsey.

Very disappointingly Unfortunately the Festival Finale Weekend on the last weekend of September had to be cancelled due to terrible weather.

“Whilst the producers of the myriad locally grown, reared, distilled or created food and drink products are well known to each other, Guernsey as a whole – and more importantly visitors to Guernsey – may not necessarily know what an economic enabler these success stories are.” said Charlotte Dickson, Chair of Eat Drink & Be Local (EDABL). “Starting with 2019, and continuing over the coming years, EDABL’s mission is to bring to the forefront these innovative and creative individuals who have crafted and honed their local products to a level that would be worthy of a position on a regional or international platform.”

EDABL is supported by a grant from the Committee for Economic Development which is awarded to support events that will help in the development and growth of the tourism and hospitality sector.

November 7, 2019