State Street seminar and debate

Event GuernseyState Street seminar and debate

State Street seminar and debate

The Guernsey Event Company worked with State Street to stage a seminar in January 2016 to explore the following topics:

Why should funds promoters domicile funds in Guernsey in 2016 and beyond?

Is the life cycle of alternative funds in Guernsey a ticking time bomb?

What does Guernsey Plc need to do to create its future?

What and who are the main competitive threats to a sustainable funds sector in Guernsey?

How should Guernsey go about attracting primary managers?

Does Guernsey’s regulatory magnet attract or repel?

Guy Hands, Chairman and CIO of Terra Firma opened the seminar with his keynote address and the event was moderated by Gerald Hough, Managing Director of State Street Global Services Channel Islands.

Panellists were investment manager Simon Holdern; John Morgan, Partner at Pantheon; Cathy Pitt, Partner at CMS Cameron McKenna LLP; and Graham Parrott, found of Fitzroy Tax Services.

The event was attended by nearly 200 senior managers and senior partners across the fund sector including lawyers and accountants plus non-executive directors who are on the Boards of funds domiciled in Guernsey.

January 23, 2016